We're not fancy but your dog is family!


Although we support limited vaccines, un-vaccinated dogs are a risk to everyone, especially themselves.  We must be assured that your dogs are under regular veterinary care and the vet clinic's contact information is provided on our Kennel Dog Profile.

We strongly recommend they are on a preventative program for parasites (our dogs are treated regularly with Drontal & Revolution), Giardhia and K9 Cough.  If you do vaccinate for K9 Cough, please be sure to have that done at least 2 weeks prior to their stay as it is a live virus and the vaccinated dog will be shedding the virus into the environment where it can be transferred to others.

There are always risks when dogs are allowed to interact with other dogs.  Accidents can happen but we will make every effort to ensure their stay is as safe and as enjoyable as we can make it.  Your signature is required on the waiver to assure us that you are aware of these risks.


We love to talk about dogs and dog behaviour!  Having said that, we will always give you a truthful update on how their stay is going and whether or not they appear to be enjoying themselves or just putting up with us.  If we notice any behaviour issues or health concerns, we will most assuredly bring those to your attention.  We do this because we do not want you to be surprised by something you may not have observed before in your dog's daily routines.  If there are any questions about our observations, please do not hesitate to email us for a more in depth report.


We provide a variety of good quality dry kibble, at no extra cost, for our visiting K9s.  It is a mild blend of various proteins (fur, fin &/or feather) that most dogs do fine on, unless they have special dietary requirements or sensitive stomachs.  If your dog is on a specific diet, please send enough for their stay plus 1 day (just in case).  Please include treats as well so we do not inadvertently feed them something they should not have when they give us the sad puppy dog eyes.

We have no problem with feeding raw or home-cooked but the meals must be proportioned in disposable packages (ziploc bags are convenient) for storage efficiency, safety and sanitary reasons.

There are no extra fees for administering medications but please detail the use and dosage.


There is no need to send bowls or bedding or toys.  We have many, many stainless steel dishes and blankets of all sorts and sizes.  If you would really like to send them a bed from home, please make sure it is one you do not really care about and/or is easy to load into an ordinary washing machine.

Toys will get lost or destroyed and we have a big old bathtub full of yard sized toys for all seasons that they can help themselves to.

If you have a small, lap-type dog that likes their own crate to hide in, please feel free to send it along.  The kennels are a very big space for tiny dogs and they may prefer to curl up in their own crate at night.